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Eating Disorders

Managing Chronic Diseases

Intuitive Eating

Balanced Exercise

No more dieting.

All foods are fine.

Enjoy eating again!

My passion is working with clients and disordered eating issues. Why?

Because I have a sense of humor and you need one, because I know what it feels like to recover,  because I am empathetic, because support in this journey is crucial. We can work on this together. You are not alone.

  • Have you tried every diet known to man? Have you restricted and starved yourself so that you can feel in control? Do you have memories of food being a tool? Have you been told you are unworthy because you are not "skinny"? Do you use food to help soothe you?


  • Have you tried to fix this yourself? Have you stayed away from sugar and then "binged" and felt horrible?

  • Are you looking at weight loss surgery as an option to "fix" all of "this"


  • Have you been struggling not to go back to behaviors after being in treatment? Do you need some accountability?


  • Do you still fear certain foods? Do you still avoid situations and make excuses not to eat with others?


  • Are you working with a great therapist and need the nutrition component? ​


  • Do you use exercise to control your body and lose weight? Do you need help with realistic goals?


  • Do you weigh yourself multiple times a day? Do you have a bad day if you don't like the number you read on the scale?


  • Do you NEED  to find balance?

Support, empathy, compassion.  No advice. We are a team, and you have choices.  Not all dietitians know how to work with these specific issues but you have found one that does.

My Approach 

Lets's first start by assessing where you are at. Are you ready for change? Are you scared? Do you have a lot of misinformation going around in your head?

We work on a plan of action together. You are the main part of this team. We look at each piece of the puzzle and see how we can make those pieces fit.


We stop labeling food as good and bad, healthy or not. Health is not determined just by the choices we make. It comes about when we find that balance that makes us feel good and makes us smile.


My style is supportive and informative. I want to show you that the light is out there to "turn on" and that the power that is given to food can be turned "inward" to shore up your own core.


Body image work is also important and improving your self esteem through coordination care with your therapist or other support givers that you rely on.


Being a  health care provider who has  a strong clinical/medical knowledge base to help "see" the whole picture of your issues, helps to see all of you in a holistic way.